Budget Hotels in Taif

Hotels equipped with all comfort

In Taif, plenty of budget hotels with proximity to shopping, restaurants, and parks make the stay enjoyable and easy to navigate.

Nukhbat Almakan

Go to Nukhbat Almakan, and a spacious entrance will greet you with gleaming gold lights, a coffee shop to relax after a pleasant trip to Taif Parks, a lounge equipped for children to play, and a variety of local and international restaurants nearby, such as 

Raviz Indian Restaurant, where you can enjoy with your friends the pleasure of food seasoned with the most delicate Indian spices

Nukhbat Almakan on map


Boudl Taif

Comfort awaits you at  Boudl Taif Hotel rooms, which combine coziness and distinctive places around them. Sip a cup of specialty coffee at the beginning of a sunny day in the seating of Karaz Albun café, and enjoy crispy chicken dishes for lunch with family and friends at Al Tazaj restaurant

Boudl Taif on map


Seven Garden

Do not miss booking at Seven Garden Hotel, with an area lined with restaurants and full services, outdoor spaces with green grass carpet for children to play, and 2 kilometres away from world-class brand products at Jouri Mall

Seven Garden on map


Taif Gate Apartment Hotel

At Taif Gate Apartment Hotel, take a deep breath, relax in the indoor pool, and sleep in the spacious rooms. You can either dine in the hotel or explore the restaurants nearby

Taif Gate Apartment Hotel on map


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