Cafes In Saudi Arabia: Top 10 Spots in Country for a Soulful Coffee Spree

greatest brews in the world and are fueled by a collection of local and foreign spots. Café culture is prevalent in Arab communities all throughout the world, and Riyadh is no exception. But gone are the days when a coffee shop in Saudi Arabia meant a group of old guys sitting about drinking qahawa (traditional Saudi coffee) and passing the time. Riyadh and Jeddah have some of the Kingdom’s most trendy cafés, where bearded baristas offer exquisite coffee with a past so rich it requires its own biography and breakfasts fit for a king arrive on platters designed to impress for that Instagram moment.

Top 10 Cafes in Saudi Arabia

Where are you coffee aficionados? craving a mini coffee break? Well, then this blog contains the list of top 10 cafes in Saudi Arabia that will woo your soul. 

Cafes in Jeddah

Here is a list of top 5 cafes in Jeddah that will make your coffee breather even more cool and snap perfect. 

1. Brew92


Brew92 is a specialty café and roastery in Kansas City, Missouri, formed in 2016 by a group of exceptional coffee specialists, artistic roasters, and enthusiastic baristas. Quality above quantity is important to me. The team has received training in barista green beans, sensory analysis, and roasting; they have furthered their knowledge of the industry by attending coffee exhibitions, competing in competitions and events, and visiting coffee farms around the world in search of the highest quality equipment and beans to offer the market.

Brew92 is definitely one of the best cafes in Jeddah, their process of coffee brewing makes sure of it. After the coffee has been roasted, the next step is to correctly brew it in order to extract the exact tastes required while avoiding under/over extraction. The water temperature, which should be between 90°C (194°F) and 96°C (205°F) with an average of 92°C, is one of the most important aspects of coffee brewing. The quest began here, and thus began brewing the coffee at 92°, hence the name Brew92.

Only speciality grade arabica beans from farms, estates, and cooperatives are used in the café. Don’t you think all of this makes this cafe one of the best places to go in Jeddah. The cafe provides green bean samples to roast, keeping in mind the seasonality of each nation, and the q-grader examines them for fragrance and taste to ensure that they satisfy the quality requirements.



  • Monday to Thursday, Saturday and Sunday – From 6: 00 AM to 12: 00 AM
  • Friday – From 8: 00 AM to 12: 00 AM

2. Bafarat Café

Bafarat Café

In the heart of Jeddah, this café brings together the excellent knowledge of coffee and roasting, delectable high-end patisseries, and comfy, stylish décor. The expert artisan coffee roasters will be roasting coffee on the roasting system at this Jeddah café. It’s here that the cafe takes raw green coffee beans from all over the globe and roast them to perfection, bringing out the amazing flavours that each of the distinct origins is known for. It also combines coffee from different nations, growing areas, and varietals here to produce exquisite bespoke coffee blends with specific traits and flavours.

Looking for the best places to visit in Saudi Arabia for a chic vibe? Well, this cafe is the answer. The baristas work their magic at the espresso bar, creating delectable espresso-based beverages like flat whites, espressos, and macchiatos for Jeddah’s specialty coffee enthusiasts. The baristas use this equipment to improve the texture of milk for luscious velvety hot chocolates, lattes, and flavoured lattes like vanilla, caramel, and hazelnut.


Timings – 

  • Monday to Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday – From 8: 00 AM to 2: 00 AM
  • Thursday and Friday – From 8: 00 AM to 3: 00 AM

3. Cup & Couch Cafe and Roastery

Cup & Couch Cafe and Roastery

Haven’t you heard that gone are the days when coffee was just a medium for men to gossip around? Well, today drinking coffee is one of the best things to do in Saudi Arabia. Cup & Couch is exactly what it sounds like: a place to unwind with a cup of coffee brewed just for you. They place a premium on kindness, which you can sense the moment you walk in. Cup & Couch is the place to go if you’re searching for pleasant chat or a board game night (they offer a large selection).

Cup & Couch, often known as the neighbourhood café, is a laid-back hangout that seems like an extension of home. Its courteous baristas provide a nice range of coffees, teas, and light snacks, and after you’re done working, there’s a huge collection of conventional board games to help you pass the time. Cup & Couch is certainly not for you if you seek an industrial chic style, yet its friendly ambiance has a soothing charm


Timings – Monday to Sunday – 6: 30 AM to 11: 30 PM

4. Café Magad

Café Magad

Magad is a little more unconventional, combining current speciality coffee with traditional Arabic coffee. The décor is designed to make you feel like you’re in a traditional Jeddah home. Magad’s warm and welcoming atmosphere makes even strangers feel at ease. It’s residence in Old Jeddah, which takes pleasure in the city’s cultural legacy, is a monument to the city’s importance of coffee.

Cafe Magad, a culture and history cafe, is located in Jeddah. It has a lot of historical gems concealed inside. Mazen Al-Saqaf, the cafe’s owner and historical consultant, recounted how it came to be. Over a cup of coffee, tourists may learn about the historical neighbourhood. It features a modest library for travellers with literature on mediaeval Jeddah in Arabic, English, and French. It’s also a favourite hangout for intellectuals and academics. This coffeehouse is popular with historians, intellectuals, and literary academics. They adore going there and writing about city’s history.

There are ancient images of mediaeval Jeddah on the walls. Tourists and visitors may view the historic region as it was and as it is now. Photographs of embassies may be found, including the American Embassy, the British Embassy, and the French Embassy. Tourists may view their embassies when they visit. They used to live in these old mansions. Photographs of the Dutch and Italian embassies are also included.


Timings –

  • Monday to Thursday, Saturday and Sunday – From 9: 30 AM to 1: 30 PM, 4: 30 PM to 11: 30 PM
  • Friday – From 4: 30 PM to 11: 30 PM

5. Boho Café

Boho Café

Didn’t we say we were going to a cafe? Well, we were referring to a “liquid art home.” That’s how the Boho Cafe like to be known as. Boho Cafe is recognised for more than just its excellent coffee; it also has a stunning and contemporary décor. You will feel as though you have stepped into another time and place the instant you enter. Not only is the café lovely to look at and relax in, but it also provides wonderful cuisine and drinks. There are a few distinctive drinks, such as the hailachinno, which combines cardamom sauce with coffee, and a coconut latte, in addition to the normal coffee alternatives.

Great things happen when someone decides to combine an art gallery with outstanding coffee, making it one of the best things to do in Jeddah (well of counrse, drinking coffee). There is an indoor and outdoor space (better in nicer weather, of course). That’s essentially how Boho Cafe came to be. The coffeeshop is owned by two Saudi sisters who are enthusiastic about art (and who own some wonderful works of artwork that are displayed around the coffeeshop) and wanted to establish a location where creatives could thrive and network with others in Jeddah.


Timings –

  • Monday to Thursday, Saturday and Sunday – From 7: 00 AM to 12: 00 AM
  • Friday – From 8: 00 AM to 1: 00 AM

Cafes in Riyadh

Here is a list of top 5 cafes in Riyadh that will make want to unwind more and more. 

1. Five Elephants

Five Elephants

Five Elephants, a warmly lighted, industrial-looking coffee lovers place on King Abdul Aziz Road, serves genuinely superb coffee, and id termed as one of the best cafes in Riyadh. Five Elephants is well-known on Riyadh’s Cafe circuit as a go-to brunch restaurant, dishing up colourful dishes of eggs benedict, American style pancakes, and omelettes, in addition to its wonderful, freshly made speciality coffee.

The unique black and white paintings of this coffeehouse on King Abdul Aziz Road, which also serves delicious brunch items, will appeal to you. The savoury Eggs Benedict is a particular favourite, but don’t forget the fluffy, American-style pancake stacks if you want something sweeter. The achingly sleek industrial appearance is accompanied by a welcoming vibe, and the coffee is on par with any of Riyadh’s finest gourmet caffeine places. All of this makes Five Elephants one of the finest places to visit in Riyadh and a boutique café we’ll frequent again and again.


Timings – 

  • Monday to Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday – From 6: 30 AM to 12: 00 AM
  • Thursday and Friday – From 6: 30 AM to 1: 00 AM

2. Elixir Bunn

Elixir Bunn

Elixir is one of the capital’s first specialty coffee shops, managed by dedicated baristas that like doing unusual and innovative things with their coffee. The interior has a stripped-back appearance with plenty of crisp, straight angles, and the beans are roasted on site. But Elixir is more than just a coffee hangout; it’s also one of the favourite dessert hangouts. If you want a cortado, make sure to have a slice of pecan pie to go with it.

Elixir Bunn was one of the first specialty coffee shops in the Saudi capital, and after establishing a solid reputation for their immaculate cups of caffeine, they established a second location in Riyadh in 2019 to continue serving their legendary brews in style. The outcome is a modern environment with soaring ceilings, dramatic arches, and dramatic angles.


Timings – 

  • Monday to Thursday and Sunday – From 7: 00 AM to 10: 00 PM
  • Friday and Saturday – From 1: 00 Pm to 10: 00 PM

3. Tao Bistro

Tao Bistro

Tao Bistro, a trendy café in Riyadh’s Nojoud Mall, one of the best malls in Riyadh is all about Mediterranean mezze-style platters. Grilled halloumi, hummus, olives, shakshuka, and fluffy falafel are just a few of the delectable bite-size dishes served in tin ramekins on an Indian thali-style platter with fresh bread. With cherry blossom flowers floating above the table, Tao’s interior décor looks to have been influenced by a mix of French and Louis, as well as Japanese. In any case, the café’s relaxed atmosphere is enhanced by the soothing music and low-key talk.


Timings – Monday to Sunday – 7: 00 AM to 12: 00 PM

4. Capri Café

Capri Café

Capri Cafe, a popular coffee establishment in Riyadh, brings a taste of Southern Italy to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Whether you are looking for coffee or most instagrammable places in the world, Capri is definitely going to be highlighted in the list. Giant botanicals and bursts of summertime Italian blue, as well as a large cherry blossom tree that occupies the cafe’s centre, contrast with a neutral tone.


Timings – Monday to Sunday – Open 24 hours

5. Al Masaa Café

Al Masaa Café

Ask for a seat looking out towards the Kingdom Center, whether it’s night or day: the view is the main reason for visiting Al Masaa, which is located in the heart of the city. There are plenty additional compelling reasons to visit, like the superb coffee, delectable lunch menu, and incredibly refreshing mocktails. Nothing beats a virgin mojito while sitting in the shadow of Riyadh’s most recognisable structure.

The views of the Kingdom Tower across the street are the focus of this lively cafe in the centre of Riyadh. Arrive before sunset, relax with a cup of coffee and a slice of wonderful cheesecake, and watch the tower and its ‘necklace’ feature gently light up in a rainbow of pinks and blues. Food is also available at the café.


Timings – 

  • Monday to Thursday and Saturday – From 6: 00 AM to 2: 00 PM
  • Friday – From 6: 00 AM to 10: 30 AM, 2: 00 AM to 2: 00 PM

As coffee connoisseurs, you must firmly think that no amount of coffee is ever too much. As a result, in this blog, there is a list of wonderful cafés in Saudi Arabia that you should visit. These places are great for meeting up with friends or finishing work or studying deadlines since they provide delicious coffee and have a calm ambiance. It’s no secret that Saudi Arabia boasts some of the greatest cafés in the world, but there’s nothing quite like sipping a good cup of coffee in a beautiful setting. Prepare to see Saudi Arabia in a whole new light when you change your camera. So, what are you holding on to then? Plan a trip to Saudi Arabia and don’t forget to treat yourself with a little coffee breather.


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