Diriyah Mornings

Having the Perfect Weekend Day Out at this Cultural Haven

Riyadh’s crisp and chilly mornings are a great opportunity to head out to Diriyah, a superb getaway for a family outing amongst its historical significance.As Diriyahmeanders through winding streets, head out to Wadi Hanifah‘s dirt road loop where you can roll out a picnic mat. Here, you will spot mobile bike rentals as well, so if you want to park your cars and pedal down the trail, then there’s no better way to explore the area than on a bike. 

Take your time enjoying the natural rocky overhang and scenic views of the deep mountain valley reigning supreme against majestic clouds. Don’t worry if it rains – you can duck into the botanical garden that is just around the corner on Ruqiyah Street featuring exotic plants and an abundance of greenery. Diriyah is also home to several private farms with welcoming green spaces that dot the land. Make a pitstop for some delicious treats on your way

Enjoy a warm cup of gahwa (Saudi coffee) at Nabie Ad Diriyah, a floral-themed chic café tucked away in the heart of Diriyah, Nabie Ad Diriyah is extremely Insta-worthy inside-out with its impressive flower displays and picturesque decor , making it a must visit. Venture a few steps further and you will find yourself in the lawn of Jal Al Wadi, another cafe offering great pizza and ginger tea in a traditional ambiance

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