JW Steakhouse: Savoring Prime Flavors at Riyadh’s Culinary Haven

Riyadh’s insatiable appetite for exceptional meat experiences finds a new haven in JW Steakhouse, the flagship carnivore’s paradise nestled within the renowned JW Marriott. With an illustrious legacy spanning two decades, this American steakhouse boasts a harmonious blend of time-tested excellence and regional influences that promises an unforgettable dining encounter.

JW Steakhouse is already setting a sky-high standard for itself. As you step in, you’re greeted by an ensemble of staff, each exuding genuine warmth and professionalism. Their collective dedication to a memorable experience is evident from the first interaction.The restaurant’s layout features a shared mocktail bar that caters to various dining establishments, including the health-conscious JW Glass Garden. Tucked away in a secluded corner, JW Steakhouse offers an intimate setting suitable for romantic dinners or productive business discussions.Inside, the ambiance resonates with classic steakhouse aesthetics—wooden floors, leather seating, dim lighting, and subtle nods to its meat-centric focus. Horns and blackboard illustrations elaborating the menu offerings add to the thematic charm. Not to be missed is the intriguing meat trolley, which might just appear during your meal.

The culinary journey commences with sourdough bread accompanied by a homemade blend of date and pomegranate butter. The menu comprises traditional steakhouse staples such as Caesar salad, tartare, carpaccio, and the quintessential surf and turf. However, JW Steakhouse presents these classics with innovative twists, often incorporating smoking techniques or regional inspirations.An unexpected delight awaits in the form of a signature coconut risotto adorned with butter-poached lobster, shaved bottarga, and chives. Generous in portion, it sets the tone for a dining experience where every dish is anticipated with eagerness.The main courses showcase meats prepared on the Josper grill. For those seeking the pinnacle of carnivore pleasure, the Butcher’s Block presents substantial cuts of dry-aged perfection, starting at 500 grams and going above, designed for sharing between two or even three patrons. We tried their tomahawk steak, which is the highest quality cut and a staple of theirs.Remember to consider the seafood section, featuring local and international catches.  The signature surf and turf option, consisting of grain-fed tenderloin, smoked herb butter, grilled half-lobster, and whipped potatoes, invites an indulgent experience. The personalized touch extends to the choice of your knife, from France, Italy, or The Netherlands, adding an extra layer of enjoyment to every bite.The service excellence displayed at the beginning of your visit continues seamlessly throughout the meal. Staff members anticipate your needs, ensuring your dining journey flows without interruption.

And then, the grand finale—dessert. American classics like cheesecake and brownies grace the menu, but the showstopper is the -18 degrees oud-smoked vanilla ice cream. This masterpiece invites you to traverse Saudi Arabia through its mix-ins, from spiced caramelized pistachios from Al Jawf to an irresistibly divine tahini sauce from Asir. A map guides your exploration of these flavors, served alongside the ice cream in its churning container, offering endless possibilities for delightful combinations.When you reach this sweet ending, you realize that JW Steakhouse has curated an exceptional dining experience from start to finish. A place where every detail is carefully crafted to provide prime flavors, outstanding service, and an environment that truly honors the art of a great meal.

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