First Look: Robata Riyadh

There’s a new Japanese restaurant in town

From the people behind the incredibly popular Japanese restaurant Myazu, we’re getting a brand new Japanese fireside-cooking-centric venue called Robata Riyadh.

The gorgeous two-floor venue will be opening up at The Canopy in Hittin, and we cannot wait for you to check this space out.

The concept is derived from the Ainu people of Hokkaido, Japan. The story follows the countless journeys of the Ainu fisherman and their long hunting quests which inspired classic elements of the culinary world. Ainu families used to sit around their Irori (traditional Japanese sunken fireplace fired with charcoal) which was the earliest form of the fireside cooking we now call Robatayaki.

In 1950, the iconic family-centred concept then became the culinary hub in urban Japan. And that’s the beauty of Robata Riyadh, one of the focal points of the venue is that it’s a sharing concept where dishes are designed to be shared and are placed in the middle of the table where they can be enjoyed family-style.

All about the space

Walking up to the venue, you already it’s going to be an experience to remember. The sprawling restaurant’s downstairs seating area has insane views of the Robata from each table, so you can watch the talented staff work their magic on your mains and appetisers. There’s a DJ table and bar both upstairs and downstairs and one of the best sound systems we’ve ever heard so the vibes are for sure immaculate.

The venue has wonderful wooden accents throughout the space and plush cushioned couches and royal blue comfy seats too.

Head upstairs and you’ll find a more intimate seating area perfect for couples and people looking to get away from it all and enjoy a meal by themselves. Or, you can head out to what the staff calls “the best terrace in the whole of Riyadh” and we may have to agree with them. Complete with an amazing outdoor bar, stunning views of the Riyadh skyline, zen garden for smokers

What to order

The gorgeous menu fits right in with the amazing space, and if you’re even the littlest bit confused, allow the amazing Corporate Development Chef Director Ian Pengelley to help you out: “All the sashimis are fantastic, we get our fish fresh from the Tokyo market and it’s flown in. And we have all the skewers, you’ve chicken and zucchini, minced chicken on skewers, lambs on skewers, and of course all the gyozas, we’ve got these Wagyu beef gyozas with yoghurt and harissa and one of our signature dishes, the A5 Japanese Wagyu.”

We also tried out the mouthwatering Wagyu Tenderloin Salad, Aburi Nigiri Selection, and the Cured Salmon Tataki, all three of which were just delicious. And if you’ve grown up eating chocolate eggs, there’s an elevated version at Robata that you simply must try called the White Chocolate Hazlenut egg.

From the bar, we also sipped on incredible creations like the Apuri, Kuro Nashi, Gilam, and Korada.

“Future of Robata? World Domination. Robata is the same quality but just more casual, so I’d love to see Robata win the World’s 50 Best Restaurants and be in each of the major cities, Khobar, Jeddah, and NEOM.” Sounds pretty incredible if you ask us.

The restaurant is led by the same incredibly well-trusted team behind the award-winning World’s 50 Best Restaurants MENA list Myazu, Chef Ian and Executive Chef Barry Andrews, and has the same high-end quality in every bite that you’ve grown to love at Myazu.

If you’ve been looking for a brand-new vibrant Japanese restaurant to hang out at with friends, you sure don’t need to look any further. Robata Riyadh is set to open on Sunday May 21, so snap up your spots quickly.


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