Gamers8 : eight things to do at the land of Heroes this week!

gamer8 week 3

gamer8 week 3

Gamers8: The Land of Heroes, hosted at Boulevard Riyadh City, is the biggest gaming and esports festival worldwide – and the only place to really make the most of your week. 

Organized by the Saudi Esports Federation, Gamers8 features elite esports tournaments, live concerts, a huge variety of entertainment activities for all ages, and a range of delicious food options. 

But how to make the most of this Gamers8 week? Here’s eight things everyone should check out: 

  • Dota 2 Riyadh Masters

Returning to Boulevard Riyadh City even bigger and better following last year’s remarkable debut tournament, the Dota2 Riyadh Masters is back – with 20 of the planet’s most formidable teams battling it out for a jaw-dropping $15 million prize pool. The prize pool is the biggest of the 15 tournaments being held this summer at Gamers8: The Land of Heroes, which is organized by the Saudi Esports Federation, with the winners earning a cool $5 million. 

The deepest multi-player action, real-time strategy (RTS) game ever created and one of the world’s biggest esports titles, Dota2 at Gamers8: The Land of Heroes is simply unmissable. With teamwork, skill, a little luck, and the discovery of new tactics, players must work together in teams of five to progress through the 12-day tournament and emerge victorious on July 30. Make sure you catch all the action this week.

  • Week 3 Concerts – Afrojack, WEGZ, Moayad Alnefaie, and Dafencii

“Give me everything tonight/For all we know we might not get tomorrow/Let’s do it tonight!” – the perfect words for your Friday night party at Gamers8 come right from Afrojack. That’s because the Dutch DJ and hitmaker from ‘Give Me Everything’, with Pitbull feat. Ne-Yo, Afrojack & Nayer, and ‘Hey Mama’, with David Guetta feat. Nicki Minaj, Bebe Rexha & Afrojack, stars on a top July 21 lineup. The fantastic Friday lineup at the Mohammed Abdu Arena also features Egyptian rapper WEGZ, Saudi Arabian rapper Moayad Alnefaie, and soulful Sudanese rapper Dafencii. The concert doors open from 6pm.

For August’s Exciting Lineup of Artists click the 

'Amuse' at Gamers8 The Land of Heroes
  • Drone shows

There are drone shows – and then there are Gamers8 drone shows. Every Friday night at Gamers8: The Land of Heroes, which runs until the end of August, an epic and vast collection of drones ascend towards the night sky to produce the most beautiful, colorful, and incredibly cool drone shows. What games and objects from the Gamers8 drone shows at Boulevard Riyadh City, which can be viewed from the main squares, do you like best? 

  • Challenge Zone

Gamers who want to game – this is the place for you this weekend! The Challenge Zone is a place that functions as the Gamers8: The Land of Heroes community hub. Here you will find multiple activities that include community tournaments, regional and global tournaments hosted on the superb Challenge Zone stage, local esports’ club activations, daily engaging activities, a free-to-play gaming lounge, and much more. Also – keep an eye on the Challenge Zone next weekend for a very exciting Saudi Arabia national gaming occasion. 

  • Food experiences 

Let’s be honest, one of the best things about coming to Gamers8: The Land of Heroes at Boulevard Riyadh City is the incredible options available for food. How about the spicy noodles at Togarashi at the Falcon HQ, made by renowned Saudi Arabian chef AbuOmar? Or the delicious Mexican food at SMA333 at Falcon HQ? Or the yummy ramen at Yumakuramen at Japamura? There are also Doritos booths and ice cream booths that make up more than 50 food experiences at Gamers8 (and why not try them all?!). So, be it local Saudi Arabian cuisine, Indian, American, Italian, French, Japanese, steak, seafood, vegetarian, or anything else… you’ll find it here. 

  • The Downtown Stage

Featuring ultra-modern equipment and ultra-cool beats and atmosphere, The Downtown Stage adds that extra musical accompaniment to life at Gamers8: The Land of Heroes at Boulevard Riyadh City. Experience the vibrant atmosphere, enjoy the DJ music, and revel in the great company while the beats flow all night long until 1am. And if you haven’t seen The Stage yet, let us assure you – it’s huge. So, enjoy – and as they say when you go Downtown: “Good-vibes-only.” 

  • GameDevZone: Game Development with Roblox (1), July 24 and July 25

Why not try Game Development With Roblox (1) at the fantastic GameDevZone at Gamers8: The Land of Heroes? Step into the world of Roblox and discover the power of game development, where this program will help you leverage the Roblox platform to design and build your own games, from crafting unique gameplay mechanics to creating immersive environments. Unleash your creativity and join the vibrant Roblox game development community at Game Development with Roblox (1) on Monday July 24 and Tuesday July 25 between 6pm and 10.30pm at Boulevard Riyadh City. For more information, see GameDevZone | Gamers8 and Game Development with Roblox (1) | Gamers8

  • GameDevZone: Java Programming with Minecraft, July 26 and July 27

On a similar theme, immerse yourself in the world of Minecraft and Java programming with a program that will guide you through the process of creating mods and mini-games within the Minecraft universe. Explore the fundamentals of Java programming, apply coding concepts, and bring your imaginative ideas to life in the blocky world of Minecraft. Unleash your best efforts on this course on Wednesday Jul 36 and Thursday July 27 between 6pm and 10.30pm at Boulevard Riyadh City. For more information, see GameDevZone | Gamers8 and Java  Programming with Minecraft 


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