Habitas AlUla Resort

Where luxury is embodied

Along the Wadi Ashar desert, Habitas AlUla offers 96 rooms prepared for spending exceptional moments, including luxurious Celestial rooms, Cove rooms, and Canyon rooms. You won’t want to miss the view from the Ashar balcony of stunning rock formations, lounging by the water pool, and enjoying moments of relaxation and contemplation

Activities in Habitas AlUla

Habitas AlUla strives to provide a complete experience for visitors You can attend musical and cultural events organized by the resort and learn more about AlUla

For those interested in experiences that help with mental clarity, there is an open white space available for practicing yoga, facing one of AlUla’s mountains, in addition to sports and relaxation centers

Habitas AlUla On Map


Tama Restaurant

In a magical blend of Saudi and Middle Eastern flavors, you are in for a treat with dishes that immerse you in their deliciousness, where the Aramaic meaning of the restaurant’s name is revealed

Tama Restaurant is one of the most important facilities in Habitas AlUla, and you do not have to stay at the resort to be able to visit it

Tama Restaurant On Map



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