Jeddah Jungle takes visitors on ultimate safari experience

About Jeddah Jungle

  • Guests discover wildlife firsthand, including wild cats and other exotic animals

JEDDAH: The adventure brand Jungle Trek has opened a park in Saudi Arabia, offering visitors a real-life animal-watching experience, where visitors can walk along shaded paths and get close up to exotic animals.

The trek is one of Jeddah Jungle’s experiences as part of the Jeddah Season.

Experiencing wildlife firsthand, Jeddah Season visitors will also get to go on a thrilling safari experience on a Jeep and encounter seven different kinds of wild cats as well as other exotic animals.

Visitors to the Jeddah Jungle can wear costume symbolizing their favorite animals. It is an educational and entertaining initiative where children and young people compete in the designs of costumes for their favorite animals.

It also encourages them to expand their knowledge about these animals and gain new information from the zone’s guides, in addition to removing the fear of some animals, learning to coexist with them, and dealing with them as a friend to humans.

The Jeddah Jungle serves as a refuge for around 1,000 various species of untamed creatures and 200 rare species of birds. It consists of specific sections devoted to reptiles, birds, dogs, and a farm, as well as areas for exhibits, diverse facilities, and entertainment. The distinct zones within the Jeddah Jungle include the Tram Station, Elephant Enclosure, Lighting Garden, Lucaland, the Aviary, Taxidermy Museum, Reptile Land, the Farm, Safari Game Drive, Jungle Trek, and the Park.

Opening Hours

  • 11:00 AM to 05:00 PM.



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