Jeddah Pier

About Jeddah Pier

Jeddah Pier is one of the amusement parks in the Jeddah Season that comes with a variety of 39 thrilling rides, games, shops, cafes, and also restaurants. Visitors can enjoy musical parades with people dressed as trees, monkeys, and other unique costumes

You can also enjoy their Colorful Garden, which is a tunnel made of roses that will entice your eyes to the beauty. Other than that, Pongo, the most popular restaurant in KSA will open a booth that can be enjoyed by all visitors. They will offer various ranges of roasted coffees from high-quality coffee beans and delectable pastries. In other words, Jeddah Pier offers attractions for every age group, from children to adults and it is a perfect place for a family

Largest seaside park

Jeddah Pier is the largest mobile amusement park on the Red Sea and offers a variety of international-flavored experiences. There is also an iconic reconnaissance tower that harks back to the Hejaz region’s past



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