LA’s famed restaurant and bakery Bianca is opening in Riyadh this week

You can soon tuck into Italian, French and Argentinian flavour’s at Via Riyadh Ciao, bonjour, hola Bianca Riyadh!The Los Angeles bakery and restaurant is kneading its way to the Saudi capital on Friday August 18.

Bianca Riyadh
Bianca Riyadh: the LA eatery opens in Riyadh this week

Here’s how it all began: Bianca is a family-run concept that opened its doors in the Californian city in 2019. Created to bring families together at the dining table, brothers Gianni and Nicola Vietina named the restaurant after their grandmother who had a passion for cooking. The duo are also the brains behind another LA favourite offering Italian flavours at Madeo.At Bianca, they say that everything begins with flour.Bianca serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner influenced by the flavours of Italy, France, and Argentina. It is also known for its seasonal specials.

Bianca Riyadh
Bianca Riyadh: the menu includes dishes from Italy, France, and Argentina

On the Riyadh menu, we’re expecting to see signature dishes like the tomato bisque avocado toast, croque madame, and grilled gamberoni (prawns).For something sweet try an Argentinian staple made up of shortbread cookies, cheesecake, fudge-laden chocolate cake, and a custard-filled emerald green pistachio raspberry cake.

Bianca Riyadh
Bianca Riyadh: is a family-run restaurant created in 2019

Bianca Riyadh is opening in the luxury destination Via Riyadh from 4pm to 1am. This will mark the restaurant’s first opening in Saudi and in the region. It is also the first flagship opening outside of LA.Reservation are now open via sevenrooms.There are more foodie picks to try in Via RiyadhLondon’s seafood restaurant Scott’s, and all the meat you can find at Chi Spacca.

Bianca Riyadh
Bianca Riyadh

Later, catch a movie at Via Riyadh’s luxe cinema or shop till you drop at the many stores in the area.Opens Fri Aug 18. 4pm-1am. Via Riyadh, Al Hada, 


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