MAIZ welcomes you to a unique experience at Bujairi Terrace

Saluting its guests into a unique experience at Bujairi Terrace, MAIZ’s unique fine-dining concept is highlighting the authenticity and originality of Saudi cuisine from within the cultural aura.

MAIZ is offering you with its new culinary destination that is developed as part of Diriyah Gate Development where you will experience the true taste and flavors of the Saudi cuisine including the traditional Saleeg dish! 

This traditional restaurant is highly inspired by the energy of the sun, the warmth of the desert, and the traditions of Saudi Arabia cuisine. You are embarking on a unique and different journey that is rich in the valuable flavors and spices and hospitality is known within the locals.

Within the various and palatable traditional Saudi dishes, is Saleeg. This dish is one that no one can resist as it is high in simple ingredients yet deeply valued by its taste in local households. Saleeg is usually cooked using rice, buttermilk, olive oil, and different spices including cardamom pods, salt, pepper, cinnamon, bay leaf, chicken, beef, or lamb. 

Originating from the region of the Hijaz, this national dish is specifically known in Taif considering the year-round cold weathers.
How is Saleeg served? A large traditional dish called ‘Tabasi’ is used to serve Saleeg. The roasted chicken or meat is placed on top of the milky rice and served with Daggus salad which is made by merging different ingredients including onions, coriander, tomatoes, lemon, salt, black pepper, olive oil, and red chilies to create this spicy tomato sauce. 

The restaurant not only offers Saleeg, rather it serves a wider scale of delicious Saudi dishes including Goursan, Kabsa, grills, and more. You can also enjoy your meal with soups, appetizers, dishes to share. A must try? Well, you must definitely try out their Saudi sweet collection like Maqushoosh and Gours Ogaili.

Opening back in December 2022, MAIZ now also serves a new feature called ‘Maiz at Home’ where it offers an exclusive high-end culinary experience within the comfort of your home with its custom events menu that is tailored to suit different occasions.
The ambiance and aura that MAIZ offers is flowing with aspects of fashion, sophistication, and a welcoming space. 


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