Best Restaurants in Abha

When you hear (Abha), a cold breeze touches you. When you decide to take a break from Abha`s beauty, a beauty of another kind formed in their restaurants will meet you. They are modern but have the originality of the region`s unique heritage. Buckle up and enjoy a ride of excitement to trendy and dazzling destinations all over Abha that will be your meals manual.

Your Morning Starts Here

Dough Source Restaurant

Dough Source serves a special breakfast menu till sunrise. Because of the glass frontage that allows the sun to sneak in, the beginning of your day will be different. Besides the exceptional location of the restaurant in High City, their signature pastries are perfect such as taco maple, roasted chicken, and halloumi wrap. Also, with different fillings, sweet pastries such as pancakes, croissants, and pies.

Milos Restaurant

If you are a fan of the unique Greek style with its fascinating blue colors, then Milos is your perfect morning destination. It has a fantastic atmosphere and creative, delicious dishes like French toast with caramel and fruits, brioche halloumi with pesto, and avocado benedict. It is located on King Abdulaziz Road.

MESHRAQ Restaurant

MESHRAQ has a delicious western breakfast. Enjoy it with a cup of mint tea to start a good day. The restaurant is located on King Abdulaziz Road.

A lunch with fog

Jorry Elite Restaurants

Jorry Elite includes three international restaurants, one of them came from Beirut streets. All what you can imagine about beauty, magic, and taste are in “Aala Bali”. A scenic view from the middle of Abu Kheyal Park on the Jacaranda trees which Abha has been known for lately. These trees are sessional and blossom between May and June. The restaurant visitors enjoy Lebanese original dishes like, all types of grills, Tabbouleh, and the tasty Laban Kibbeh.

It also includes the Italian restaurant “Senso”  that you must visit when you come to Abha. It serves different options of Italian food. It has indoor settings and a dreamy classic atmosphere. It is distinguished by the tasty pastries, types of soups, and Fettuccine.

Alkarkand Sea Food Restaurant

If you love seafood, you will enjoy the experience at Alkarkand. One of their known dishes is grilled and fried shrimp and fish kebab. You can choose your favorite fish type and the cooking method to complete the experience as you like.

The Glass Garden Restaurant

The dazzling frontages of The Glass Garden Restaurant will meet you to take you to a different experience with the high views of the Abha dam with settings to have a date with the fog. It has a long and diverse menu from different cuisines. Their main dishes are Chicken Permigano and steak pepper. Also, their main delicious appetizers are Fried mozzarella sticks and Arunchy bowl. Glass Garden is located on the lake road in new Abha.

The original taste in the heart of Abha

Tonir Restaurant

Elegance is the title of this restaurant. If you are ready to try a different level that simulates the global restaurants in Abha, Tonir is your perfect choice. It overlooks king Fahad road. It serves professionally Armenian dishes, from Armenian Kibbeh with pomegranate pieces to fresh and unique salads. Tonir is distinguished by the privet settings for family and a section for visitors without kids for a quieter atmosphere.

Indian Nights Restaurant

A fancy serves provided by the Indian Nights Restaurant located in Ravala Plaza. Indian dishes are presented with the original taste of Indian food lovers. It has high-privacy internal settings. Their most known dishes are Meat biryani and mixed Tandoori.


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