Masterpieces of libraries

The Masterpieces of Library Center, Jeddah, is one of the best recreational and educational places for children and adults within the city, where parents prefer to go to it to develop the skill of their children in all creative arts, and there are many commercial centers for shopping lovers, and the center is not limited to the educational aspect only for children, but also contains recreational activities Delightful that gives children fun and a sense of happiness

Learning and reading building

e best thing that distinguishes the Masterpieces of Library Center from other educational and entertainment centers is the accuracy of the center’s organization of different sections and activities, as the center is divided into three main floors, and each floor has a different activity of its own from other floors

First floor

The ground floor is considered the most important floor in the Masterpieces of Libraries Center, as it contains a group of shops specialized in selling all the various stationery and study tools that students need in various educational stages

Second floor

The second floor in the center contains several various commercial centers, and this floor is one of the best floors inside the Masterpieces of Library Center, Jeddah, because it includes all household needs and all shopping tools, which everyone, especially women, wants to buy, and there is a special section for attractive decorative tools, so This floor is a comprehensive shopping center

Third floor

The third floor in the Masterpieces of Library Center is dedicated to activities and various educational skills for children. This floor is considered a test tool for the child’s intelligence and the development of his mental skills. It reveals the various emerging talents in all arts and develops these talents in an attractive entertaining way that works to encourage the child to accept information. The center has determined the age of the category. The target area is on this floor so that the age of the child does not exceed 13 years. The center has also divided this floor into several other sections related to vocational professions and serving the goal of the masterpieces of Jeddah libraries in learning and entertainment, as follows:

  • A section for teaching cooking to children and it is called (Little Chef)
  • A section for the fun of drawing and coloring to develop children’s skills and talents in drawing and choosing colors
  • A special section for sand games to teach children how to make unique sand figures
  • Department of carpentry and handicrafts with colored wood

Children’s area

There is a place inside the masterpieces of libraries for children under the age of three years, and the center is keen to purify and sterilize this section periodically to maintain the level of safety and general hygiene. They spent their time, and the center allowed the entry of parents with their children so that they could enjoy playing with them or watching them through the external transparent glass of the department

Shooting range

The best places and sections within the Masterpieces of Library Center, Jeddah, is the presence of a large and wide field for teaching children the arts of archery with all fun and excitement, which increases children’s enthusiasm and enjoyment

Ceremonial Department

What distinguishes the center from other educational centers is the presence of a place dedicated to holding various celebrations and birthdays for children, as it can accommodate more than thirty children, and during the celebration, the center provides fun free games for children of up to three continuous hours

Restaurants and cafes

What attracts visitors and families most to go to the Masterpieces of Libraries Center is the presence of several distinctive restaurants and cafes, offering the best delicious meals and varieties of side desserts with an attractive taste for visitors. There are also a number of various cafes that offer a range of hot and cold drinks of various types and forms

Water games area

Inside the Masterpieces of Library Center, Jeddah, there are special areas for various and enjoyable games for children inside the swimming pools. There are also a number of large swimming pools surrounded by high walls to maintain the level of safety inside the center, and there are some rest areas next to the swimming pools to monitor the parents of their children while playing or swimming

Masterpieces of libraries on map


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