Rest & Relaxation Adventures

Loosen up and mellow out

To reboot and de-stress is the order of the day. Our list of wellness experiences from sensory exercises interlaced with periods of silence to the occasional night by the campfire under the starry night sky will have you rejuvenated in no time

Treat Yourself

You’ll find an abundance of revitalizing and relaxing sanctuaries throughout the city From the time-honored Moroccan hammam experience to full-body treatments and urban nail spa dens, visitors are in for pampering. We do suggest making an appointment before your visit.

Some recommendations: Hot Stone Spa (Women Only)

An independent spa boutique, offering a full range of spa services specifically for women.
View on Google Maps

Four Spa (Women Only)

Four Spa has become a favorite retreat for ladies looking to not just get their nails done but have a quick break from the hustle of the city.
Location: Takhassusi St

A Serene Escapade at Nofa Resort

Enjoy a tranquil retreat tucked in a desert safari and luxury sanctuary 45 minutes outside of Riyadh. Nofa Resort offers stretches of greeneries, flamingoes on the horizon, and a manmade lake that will inspire hours of relaxation. With five star amenities like a world class spa, golf course, and equestrian club, this is a weekend paradise that’s not too far from home

An All-in-One

Golfing is quickly becoming more popular for women in Riyadh, finding a day on the greens a pleasant way to get active while relaxing all at the same time. Fortunately, the capital is home to some relaxing golf clubs, which also offer brunches, driving ranges, and equestrian lessons for those craving for a quiet ride through vivid landscapes.

Artful Meditations

Art can be a form of meditation; it allows you to channel your emotions and stress while unleashing your creative juices. Several groups in Riyadh offer art classes and studio rentals.

KOUN Makerspace

A place to bring your crafty ideas to life, with a side of coffee

Discover The Diplomatic Quarter on Foot or on Wheels

This is just what you need to let your mind, body, and soul relax without heading away from the city. On your route, you’ll pass by wildflowers, stunning rock formations, and landscaped parks. If you’ve got energy left, you can take a detour to a scenic valley nearby called Wadi Hanifah and watch the sunset as it paints the landscape in shades of purple and dark orange.

Local Tip: The Diplomatic Quarter has a rich wellness driven community, including women walking for fitness groups, outdoor yoga sessions in the winter, and a farmers market on weekends during the winter season View on Google Maps

Sleep Under The Starry Night Sky In The Thumamah Desert

The Thumamah Desert is where many locals head to when good weather comes knocking. The very thought of staying away from civilization in the pin-drop silence of the enigmatic desert makes for a decompressing experience View on Google Maps


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