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It’s the very first fashion week in Saudi

Riyadh Fashion Week 2023 is a go. The very first event of its kind in the Kingdom, Riyadh Fashion Week is happening next month.

Saudi Arabia’s inaugural Riyadh Fashion Week is officially scheduled to debut from 20-23 October. An impressive lineup of 30 Saudi brands will grace the runway, accompanied by a plethora of world renowned celebrities, VIPs, buyers and key industry stakeholders set to storm the capital in celebration of Saudi’s rapidly emerging fashion scene. 

Hosted by the Saudi Fashion Commission, Riyadh Fashion Week will commence with an Opening Gala Dinner, welcoming more than 250 opinion leaders and stakeholders from around the globe. A showroom featuring local products and a subsequent livestream will also be on offer, enabling the Middle Eastern fashion industry to blossom at both domestic and international levels.

“For the first time ever, we are welcoming the global fashion community to the epicenter of Saudi fashion, here in Riyadh” reports Burak Çakmak, CEO of the Saudi Fashion Commission. “The event will showcase the best of our creative talent, allowing yet another opportunity for our brands to connect with the world.

Riyadh Fashion Week

Riyadh Fashion Week

Riyadh Fashion Week was first announced during the Saudi Fashion Commission’s participation at Paris Men’s Fashion Week and Couture Week, where Saudi designers showcased diverse collections from the Saudi 100 Brands program. Launched in 2021, the initiative provides native fashion designers, of whom a staggering 85% are women, with the tools they need to grow on an international scale, offering an endless list of workshops and design masterclasses.

The 30 iconic Saudi labels participating at the first ever Riyadh Fashion Week include 1886, Abadia, Adnan Akbar, Arwa Albanawi, Atelier Hekayat, Dar Alhanouf, DAZLUQ, Eman Joharji, Fatima AbdulQader, Hajruss, Hala AlGharabawi, Honayda, JUBB, Kaf by Kaf, Lomar, Mazroud, MD29, Moja Majka, Mona Alshebil, Nabela Nazar, Noble and Fresh, Not Boring, Nour Dhahri, Noura Suliman, Pavone, Tima Abid, Uscita, Yasmina Q and Yousef Akbar.

Saudi Arabia’s fashion industry holds the largest projected growth rates of any other large, high-income market. From 2021 to 2025, retail fashion sales in Saudi are expected to surge by 48% to a staggering $32 billion, with an annual growth rate of 13%.

For updates, visit www.riyadhfashionweek.com. To learn more about the Fashion Commission, please visit: https://fashion.moc.gov.sa/en.

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