Saudi Is Getting A Turtle-Shaped Floating City Called Pangeos 

Pangeos, a floating metropolis in the shape of a turtle, may one day arrive in Saudi Arabia. The megaproject is anticipated to be finished in eight years and will be the world’s largest floating structure.

Having a capacity for 60,000 passengers, the $5 billion “terayacht” will be the biggest floating structure ever constructed. The supercontinent Pangea, which existed throughout the Paleozoic and Mesozoic periods, is the inspiration for the name of Pangeos, which was created by the Italian design firm Lazzarini.

With a width of 610 meters at its widest point, Pangeos will essentially be a yacht-city.

There will be villas, shops, and even a beach club on the turtle-shaped superyacht. On each turtle foot of the one-of-a-kind floating metropolis, there will be 19 villas and 64 apartments. A rooftop garden and even a mall are available for your enjoyment. The city will be divided into nine bows, each separated into a variety of blocks. The first bow will be at the port’s entrance, leading to the main area, which will then continue into the terraced villas, paving the way for the private homes, structures, and rooftop terraces. Additionally, it will have an upper turtle shell zone that will serve as a platform for flying vehicles to land.

Given that we’re talking about a turtle superyacht, it is intended to go nonstop around the globe, however Saudi Arabia has been suggested as a destination. Additionally, this turtle is truly green and has green energy sources. Power for Pangeos will come from solar-panel rooftops and ocean waves.

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