Saysed National Park

Saysed park is a rich natural masterpiece


A masterpiece awaits you on the list of Taif Natural Parks Saysed National Park has combined a rich natural heritage, it had a list of natural views and landmarks, and is distinguished by the diversity of wildlife, offering an astonishing experience to visitors

Saysed Park and its Rich Nature

The park is located in the northeast of Taif Its name is associated with a famous archaeological dam that was built in 58 AH during the era of the Umayyad Caliphate. The facilities of the park were carefully designed to highlight the wild nature of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It is equipped with family sessions, service facilities, and a children’s play area

It looks like a natural reserve that includes tree-covered mountains, vast green spaces, and golden plains within sight. The park’s space is more than 29,000 square meters Visitors enjoy the beautiful weather and the flow of water in the valleys, especially in winter

Best Season to Visit Seysed Park

The park is always open to visitors as it has a unique and beautiful nature every season. It dominates the list of wildlife parks as the changes and reforms do not stop



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