Jungle Land Theme Park

Opened in 1999, Jungle Land Theme Park Mersal Village has Jeddah’s most popular amusement destination. With jungle theme and motifs, as well as African patterns, the theme park attracts adults and kids alike. It is one of the largest adventure amusement parks in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, with a total area of 104,413 sq m. It has numerous sections for people of all ages, including Mambosa (the marketplace), adventure rides section, lake and fountain section, and kids activity center. The Park can welcome up to 15,000 people at a time

About Jungle Land Theme Park

The Park is located in Mersal Village, is 32 km from the Jeddah city center. Further, it is only 11 km from King Abdulaziz International Airport Jeddah. Tourists are recommended to hire a cab for the forward and return journey as there are fewer public transport options available. One can also travel via a private vehicle

  • Opening hours: Friday to Wednesday, 5 pm to 11 pm, and on Thursday, 5 pm to 1 pm
  • Ticket price: The ticket price at Jungle Land Theme Park Jeddah is 35 SR, and for kids under 3, entry is free. One will have to pay extra charge for each ride and other park amenities

Jungle Land Attractions

Jungle Land Theme Park in Mersel Village is a top amusement destination. It is among the most popular tourist places in Jeddah for kids. The park is ideal to have a memorable time with family and friends. The park offers numerous rides and fun activities, and the frolic ambiance created by jungle decor and colorful lighting. Some of the top attractions of the park are:

Adventure rides – Spectacular rides

Being an amusement park, Jungle Land Theme Park offers diverse kinds of rides. Roller coaster rides is the highlight of them all Apart from roller coasters, the park features a free-fall ride where one can experience the breathtaking feeling of falling from a considerable height. Visitors also like the pendulum ride for its gravity-defying to and fro motion. Other notable rides include the speeding carousel and mini Ferris wheel

Lake and fountains – Under a wooden bridge

The park houses a clean lake with water jets at a regular distance. The lake and fountains enhance the aesthetic value of the park by multiple times. Tourists can enjoy boating with bump boats and indulge in a friendly competition of bumping into each other’s boats. A bridge over the lake provides a perfect place to click insta-worthy pictures. Tourists can also opt for a train ride offered across the park and the lake to immensely have a great time with their family and kids

Color Island – Awe-capturing circus performances

Jungle Land Theme Park has a separate section to host an attractive and surprising circus. The artists are well skilled at their art and perform numerous acts to leave the audience thrilled the whole time. Though animal shows are limited, the circus performers make the experience worthwhile. The staff also dress up as several creatures that roam around the park to amuse kids and take great pictures with them

Mombasa – The marketplace

Mombasa is the marketplace of the park where one can purchase souvenirs and experience some of the best Saudi Cuisines. It has several restaurants serving authentic Saudi fast food, delicious dishes, and desserts. Further, the restaurants and stalls also provide food from international cuisines. Some of these include Simba Cafe, Congo Cafe, Alshaaby Restaurant, Old Town Restaurant, The Giant Mushroom Cafe, and more. The section features play-to-win games such as air gun shooting

Mombasa – The marketplace

The arcade game parlor at Jungle Land Theme Park is particularly enjoyed by kids of all ages. The parlor features the latest video games with realistic consoles. One can play games like car racing, virtual shooting, arcade duels, and more. Parents can guide their children while playing these games and share a memorable day at the park

Things to keep in mind

  • One will have to purchase tickets for most of the rides apart from the entrance fee of 35 SR
  • One should reconfirm the opening hours of the park at the time of booking or visiting as they may change due to many reasons. To remain updated with the accurate timing, make sure to contact the park authorities.
  • Keep a small carry bag handy with you at all times to carry the essentials like water bottles and souvenirs while enjoying the rides without hassle
  • To fully enjoy the park, one should keep adequate cash so that they don’t have to rush to the ATM due to a shortage of cash
  • If at all feasible, go on a weekday. Amusement parks are usually busiest on weekends. One can visit during the weekdays, especially in the middle of the week when it is less congested
  • Foreign visitors should be mindful of dressing as per the Saudi Culture. Also, they should not show affection for their partners in public

Jungle Land Theme Park Mersal Village is an excellent destination in Jeddah to create memories and click beautiful pictures. With so much to do, from adventure rides to eating famous Saudi dishes, the park offers a complete fun experience to its visitors



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