Souqs of Jeddah

The traditional folk markets  add a unique cultural value to Jeddah. The cultural openness of Jeddah manifests in these markets’ old ancient alleys and modern buildings that gathers peoples from all around the world. It is your must-visit place for traditional local goods along with various consumer goods where most come from the sea. It is the ideal destination to get hard-to-miss souvenirs and handmade goods

Souqs of Historic Jeddah

When you visit Historic Jeddah, you will stumble upon its distinctive markets. A vibrant pulsing area in the heart of the city, where traditional antique goods meet goods from latest trends in a captivating scene. Over decades, these markets have established their cultural identity as a symbol for this area, such as: Souq Al Badu‎, Souq Qabil, Souq Alawi, Souq Nada, Souq Al-Khaskeya, Souq Bab Al Makkah, and Souq Bab Shareef

Souqs of Historic Jeddah

As you enjoy your stay at Jeddah, pay a visit to one of its essential local markets, Souq Alshat’a, where you will find everything you’re looking for. It is ideally located in Alzahra’s neighborhood with easy commute, and well known for outdoor market and restaurants and many seating places. Though, what makes it iconic is its many diverse shops specialized in Abaya design and retail. However, it is not limited to Abayas as it offers many store options that will satisfy every taste, like home supplies and family stores, as well as gift, makeup and perfume shops

Souq Al-Murjan

One of Jeddah’s famous local markets located in Al-Safa neighborhood, Souq Al-Murjan, previously known as “Syrian Market” due to Syrian the goods sold in abundance there from ancient Syrian merchants, offers local and imported goods at low to medium prices that suit your need. This market specializes in clothing, Abayas, tableware, and Bekhoor (incense), Oud and perfumes as well as a fun safe playground inside the market

Souq Al Bawadi

If you wish to buy wholesale or local items, head to Souq Al Bawadi in AlBawadi neighbourhood. Many of its visitors seek it for handcrafted products and traditional clothes and goods. In here, you will also find a number of leading local exquisite gold and jewellery stores with trendy designs, asides from different home supplies and family stores

Souq Almena (Souq AlSawarek)

Don’t miss out on a visit to the largest, extending over spacious area exceeding 9 km2 southwest of Jeddah, and most famous among Jeddah’s and the western region residents, Souq Almena (the Port Market), locally called Souq AlSawarek (the Rockets market). It is the ultimate place for merchants and investors to purchase and sell retail or wholesale products, and the go-to destination for bargain prices lovers as you’ll find consumer goods at unbelievable low prices along with second-hand products

This vast area market consists of many sections, together making about 26 adjacent commercial complexes separated by streets and paths for cars and pedestrians. Each of those complexes contains various stores, where you will find everything that comes to mind and even more; from carpets, furniture and decorations, building supplies, electronics, culinary and tableware, to wholesale stores, libraries, and all home and family supplies

Gold markets

Stemming from the close link gold has to the Saudi local culture, especially during the special seasons and occasions, gold markets gained their special place in the hearts of Jeddah’s residents. If you wish to buy gold, jewellery, or silver pieces, or if you seek to browse the latest fashionable gold and diamond designs, then Oasis Mall, located in Alworood neighbourhood, is the place for you. It is a multi-story commercial complex of local gold store, which were previously scattered all over Jeddah’s neighbourhoods.  Although these stores are now located in a modern mall, yet they still retain their local traditional feel. The complex includes a number of high-quality gold and jewellery stores of the latest international designs, and the most famous local names in the gold and jewellery trade.


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