Exciting events are headed to Jeddah

Slowly and excitingly, the Jeddah calendar is announcing upcoming events!

Jeddah Season is changing to a more broad and exciting calendar that is said to be all year round! How thrilling is this? Not much has been announced yet, so we have to wait and see what’s more to come. 

Jeddah Calendar will be highlighting multiple exciting events including international festivals, artistic performances, entertainment facilities, historical destinations, Theatre plays, beach activities, sports-related events and more, there is so much to stay awaiting.

First of all, did you get your tickets to AbdulMajeed Abdullah’s concert?
Taking palace at Superdome on the 16th of March, Abdulmajeed Abdullah will be lighting up the stage with his powerful and expressive voice. 

The cirque Du Soleil was announced as well!
If you have checked their instagram, you already know whats coming back! 

Cirque Du Soleil will be happening at King Abdullah Sports City Stadium from the 27th of April up until the 26th of May. Stay tuned as tickets are yet to be on sale. 

This May, something special will be coming back. Hint: wrestle it up. Well WWE is coming back, All Hail King and Queen of the Ring. This wrestling event will showcase and honor the king of the ring tournament along with the second Queen’s Crown tournament. 

With the theme ‘Together All Year’, we can not wait to experience the year round events that are yet to be announced.
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