About Sparky’s

It has been the flagship and first brand of the Al Hokair Group since it started in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in 1978, where Sparky’s became synonymous with amusement park and fun for all the family members. 

Afterwards, Al Hokair Group expanded their leisure experience to the United Arab Emirates and Egypt and have plans for more regional expansions.

Sparky’s became an integral part of regional landscape with over 90 locations that encourage social interactions and active play within a safe and secure environment.

Enjoy a fun-filled day out for the entire family, with thrilling activities for all members. With fun for everyone even the youngest members of the family will enjoy their time. 

Our Mythology 

Once upon a time, here was a man with a vision of creating a space that would offer joy to all and a put a smile on every face. This man was called Abdulmuhsin Al Hokair and was known for his compassion and endless care.

He believed every child should have a toy, so he set forward on his mission to become the leader of happiness and joy.
In 1978, his dream came saw the day, the magical place was created for all to come play. It wasn’t long before the magic expanded across the land. It changed the lives of boys and girls and was even more exciting than originally planned!

In 2011, word of this place spread amongst the birds and the bees. Everyone was so fascinated that they asked “More, please!”. 
It grew and it grew and got a new name. They called the place Sparky’s and it rose to fame. They needed a messenger to take care of the park, so they asked the fireflies who glow in the dark.

The fireflies became a group of five friends, each had a color and a message it represents. That was the story of this magical land, a place where all kids are happy, playing hand in hand. A place where unforgettable moments and memories are made, a place where children’s smile never fade.

Sparky decides to share the way they have fun and enjoy their time in Spark, and with the help of his friends he starts the first Sparky’s – a family entertainment center for all the Funsters, young and old to enjoy, have fun, and spend quality time with each other.

Arcadia notices that Sparky was not with her and turns around to get him, but she’s already 6 light years away, and it takes quite some time to return to earth where Sparky had already launched his 2nd Sparky’s

On her way back to earth Arcadia hears swinging noises from the engine room, she rushes there to find her young brother Beany who secretly followed them in their mission.

When they get to earth, Arcadia and Beany see the fun everyone was having at Sparky’s and with him they decide to stay and to continue spreading the joy and fun to all Funsters on Earth.

Location -Jeddah

Location – Riyadh

Location – alkhobar


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