Tera Mall in Taif

Discover the Largest Shopping Mall in Taif

On entering Tera Mall, located on 50th Street in the middle of Taif, you will realize that you are about to spend a wonderful day there. You will be amazed by the architectural design of the mall inspired by French culture and the Eiffel Tower model erected there. It is worth mentioning that the word “tera” means land in French

Tera Mall that was opened to the public in 2018 is located on a land that has an area of 120.000 square meters. Visit Tera Mall for an exceptional shopping and entertainment experience

Fashion and Beauty Shops Await You

The shopping experience at the largest mall in Taif enables you to enjoy shopping at famous brand clothing stores. You can start with “L C Waikiki” or “Riva” stores or buy home supplies at “Sacco’s.” Also, at Tera Mall shop at beauty stores for perfumes or body and skin products at “Beauty Secrets” and “Natural Touch” stores that offer a variety of products. Also, you will definitely shop for gadgets and supplies for your smart devices at the kiosks along the mall walkways

Taking a Break with Delicious Dishes

Take a break from your shopping tour and enjoy a delicious meal at a variety of restaurants inside the mall. You can pick from a long food menu of fine quality dishes at where you can enjoy a delicious meal in a great relaxed ambiance. If you are a Chinese-food lover, you can head to Baytoti where you can enjoy the delicious Chinese food selections. Also, there is a variety of other great quality-food restaurants at the mall at your service

Indoors Entertainment Area

The mall not only offers shopping services, but a whole entertainment area at the “Adventure Gate” Hall. It is an indoor entertainment area for all family members of different ages where they can enjoy an exciting experience playing different fun activities like physical, challenge and climbing games

Facilities at Your Service

In addition to the exciting shopping and entertainment experience you may be tempted to visit Al-Danube hypermarket for your household needs and foodstuffs and others. The mall is also provided with praying areas, bathrooms, and car parking areas for your convenience and comfort. Also, located across Tera Mall is the large Jouri Mall  which makes it easy for your swift transition from one mall to the other while enjoying a thrilling shopping experience

Business Hour

Saturday8:30AM–1PM, 4PM–12AM


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