When we mention the name of Red Sea Mall, the image of family and friends in a vibrant and joyful atmosphere comes to mind. Your stop at Red Sea Mall will lead you to enjoy an unparalleled shopping experience, being one of the largest shopping malls on the west coast of the Kingdom with a floor area of 242,000 sqm, and an ideal destination near the waterfront

Business Hour


The Latest Fashion

Enjoy an amazing shopping experience at Red Sea Mall. You’ll find whatever you’re looking for! There are more than 600 stores and shops of the latest women and men fashion, including high-end international brands such as: Burberry, Beverly Hills Polo Club, Polo Ralph Lauren, which offer a variety of clothing designed by famous designers. You will also find home accessories in West Elm, which offer paintings, shabby chic shelves, high – quality woven sofas, as well as health and beauty stores. You can also find office and stationary in Virgin world which also has electronics and many other things

Discover a variety of luxury and exclusive fragrances in Paris Gallery and Joe Malone, as well as Penhaligon’s must – have perfumes. And if you decide to relax or change your look, salon Henna will definitely do the job !

A Path that Leads you to a New world

Whether you’re passionate about seeing your favorite actor’s movie, you’re going to have a good time with your kids, or get together with some friends, we promise an amazing cinematic experience at Vox Cinema lounges, which have 3D Imax lasers that provide you with a remarkable experience. You can satisfy your senses, whether by salty, sweet or cheesy flavored popcorn, or if you are the kind the prefers to eat fast food and cold drinks, there are plenty of options

Event World

The event hall at Red Sea Mall witnesses events and activities that will not leave the minds of its visitors Whether national events, awareness-raising or even events for other companies, or whether you’re coming shopping or eating, you surely will gain a fun exclusive experience, in the midst of a cheerful crowd

Café and Restaurant range

Visitor will have difficulty choosing where they eat at the mall, because of the numerous options available! There are more than 80 restaurants and cafes, scattered among floors of the mall, and the variety meets everyone’s appetite. If you’re a Chinese or Japanese food fan, you’ll find several options to choose from, and if you’re an Italian cuisine lover, you’ll be baffled by the most delicious pizza options available for you. Coffee lovers will also have plenty of high-end and universal choices. The scent of bakeries from Paul’s French café will flood out and take you to the bustle of Paris alleys, and the chocolate from Godiva will make your day!

The Luxury of Accommodation

Attached to Red Sea mall is Elaf Red Sea, an elegant boutique hotel. It is an ideal choice for business, entertainment and shopping. Arab hospitality and warmth are felt at the hotel, as it links Jeddah Waterfront, the airport and the center of Jeddah. It also provides you with full privacy and luxury accommodation, as the hotel obtained the certificate of ISO 9001 in the Middle East

Entertainment for Everyone

It’s fun to watch friends compete in bowling, or resume their conversations playing at the pool table. The In10SO center is the only and premier indoor karting in Saudi Arabia

Virtual reality games have recently been popular, where pleasure and out-of-the-comfort-zone positions are provided by the Tech Zone

Children’s play zones have been set up, the most famous being Sparkies, a favorite place for children for generations, where adventures are unparalleled. There is also the Adventura Arena for children that accepts ages between one to eight, and offers many activities and motor games



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