The Arena in Diriyah: Saudi Arabia unveils a game changing events space

Saudi Arabia is filled with marvellous megaprojects. Now, Diriyah has unveiled the design for the new multipurpose venue, The Arena in Diriyah. Located on the outskirts of Riyadh, the 20,000-seat venue will host cultural, entertainment and sports events. 

The Arena in Diriyah is part of a $63.2 billion masterplan to transform Diriyah. The development has been designed by the British company, HKS Architects. Covering 76,000 square metres, the venue aims to attract visitors from around the world. 

The Arena in Diriyah

Drawing inspiration from the surrounding natural geology, The Arena in Diriyah combines traditional Najdi architecture with state-of-the-art features. So, whatever seat you are in, you can experience optimal acoustics and viewing angles. The arena will also be home to a shopping and dining district. Plus, the outdoor plaza will include live performances, pop-up shows and an urban park for residents and visitors. 

The Arena in Diriyah

Group CEO of Diriyah Company, Jerry Inzerillo, explained: “The Arena in Diriyah is a cornerstone element of our mission to blend tradition with innovation. It exemplifies Diriyah’s unique lifestyle offering that harmonizes community, culture, and natural connection, setting a new standard for world-class destinations rooted in Saudi heritage.”

The Arena in Diriyah

HKS Architects’ lead architect, Alex Thomas, added“We are exceptionally proud to be a part of this project. The architecture rises from the landscape as a series of monoliths, evoking local geological formations and alluding to ancient Nadji forts and palaces that have animated and lit ‘digital waterfalls’. The visual energy of the waterfalls serves as a beacon, drawing guests to the dynamic experience inside.”

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