Trojena Ski Village megaproject will be the world’s first vertical ski resort

Located in NEOM, it will be the Middle East’s first outdoor ski resort

Saudi Arabia is impressing the world with its marvellous megaprojects. Now, the architecture firm Aedas has unveiled the development for Trojena Ski Village in NEOM. Aiming to be the world’s first vertical ski resort, the project plans to be a year-round destination.  

Upon completion, Trojena Ski Village in NEOM will be the Middle East’s first outdoor ski resort. The venue is scheduled to open in 2026, and it is gearing up to host the Asian Winter Games in 2029. By 2030, it aims to welcome 700,000 visitors each year, and be home to 7,000 residents. 

Trojena Ski Resort

Trojena Ski Village in NEOM will offer year-round skiing with three months of snow and the remainder with synthetic dry skiing. The ski village will include five zones, from the ground floor to roof. Even the roof is being designed to mimic a ski slope, and align with the mountain. Plus, the area will be home to high-end residences, restaurants, hotels and shops.  

Trojena Ski Resort

At Trojena Ski Village in NEOM, the hotels will include Morgans Original with views of the Gulf of Aqaba, and 25hours with views onto the internal courtyards. The apartments will overlook the lake and ski slopes. While the public areas will include garden spaces and natural daylight.

Aedas Global Design Principal, Ignacio Gomez, explained: “For millennia, ski villages have had the same formula with multiple plots and buildings connected by roads. We challenged this convention by asking what if the village could be a building. This led us to dream up a superstructure that has the scale of a village but with all the connections and mobility happening vertically across several levels”.

Trojena Ski Resort

Situated north of the Red Sea, Neom will be the size of Belgium The exciting developments also include Oxagan, Sindalah Island and The Line.

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