Things To Do And Places To Visit In Yanbu

1. No Better Start Than A Stroll At Yanbu Lake

This man-made lake is lush green and packed with flora species from around the world. It is often called a ‘botanical wonderland.’ Yanbu Lake Park is serene to the eyes and calming to the heart; that is exactly what you need when you seek a perfect gateway. 

Up for some outdoor recreational activities and games? The Al Khadra Ladies Park (Green Park) at Yanbu is a women-only park for your girl gang to kick back, relax and have a great time. 

2. Dive Into The Deep Red Sea

Scuba diving, fishing and boating in Yanbu are a hit among the tourists here. The underwater is embellished with coral reefs, hammerhead sharks, tiger sharks and schools of barracuda. Dip into the waters and soak in the bounties of nature around you. 

And if you are not a fan of underwater activities, then the beaches of Yanbu have got you covered. The Yanbu Al Bahr Beach, Al-Subh Beach Park and Al Nawras Beach are picturesque, family-friendly, and blessed with the best sunrise and sunset views for you to spend your day. Or perhaps even birdwatch.   

3. Time Travel At The House Of Lawrence Of Arabia

T.E. Lawrence had a pivotal role in Arabian history and we all know parts of it from the movie Lawrence of Arabia. The house he stayed at from 1915 – 1916 stands here in Yanbu. This house has seen it all. From once housing T.E. Lawrence and then being abandoned because of the fears of it being haunted, it is now renovated and a museum to his remarkable journey. The old town areas of Yanbu still have the olden multistorey buildings made of coral and maze-like alleys for you to lose and find yourself in. 

4. Behold The Glory Of The Radwa Mountains

Radwa has forever been an inspiration to writers and poets. Its red peaks and jagged topography is a wild spot to escape to. When we say wild, we also mean the animals that roam around here. The ibex, lynx, tigers and wolves parade through the peaks and you ought to book a tour and experience this wild, wild fun.

5. Taste The Yum, Yummier And Yummiest Food Of Yanbu

This port city has its own twist when it comes to the local food here and is something you need to taste. The Kabsa here is served not with meat but with conch which is a type of sea shell. Yanbuians are masters at stews and love for themselves a good molokhia with fish. The Siyadiah or the traditional spiced rice and fish dish is the star dish of Yanbu. And like we said before, you cannot leave Yanbu without trying Masharmal and ending your meal with a sweet heavenly dose of Mash’aba. 

Yanbu is a city that holds so many stories with its turns and folds. A few hours away from Medina, Yanbu has its own airport too. It is a two-hour flight from Jeddah and you can even opt for a bus which takes around 4 hours. 


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