Top 5 Restaurants for 2023

here are the top restaurants to watch out for this year.

Our New Year’s resolutions have been made and we usually feel ready to conquer the world this time of year. Since we are finally in 2020, it’s only fair to start it right with the top restaurant picks so you don’t have to go through crummy food experiences. According to the voices of our audience on social media, these are the top places in the Kingdom for your 2020 food checklist. The categories were divided into: Casual dining, Breakfast spots, Cafés, and breakthrough places that opened within last year.

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Petit Parry

Petit Parry is a family-style restaurant located in Khobar that offers a wide range of breakfast varieties to help start your day. Their waffles are firm on the outside and soft on the inside, which is the textbook definition of an impeccable waffle. It’s safe to say this is Khobar’s go-to restaurant for breakfast.


Casual Dining


Parker’s is an American restaurant in Khobar best known for their exclusive juicy coffee burgers and sizzling truffle
fries. It’s good to exit your comfort zone and try bold dishes every once in a while, and Parker’s is definitely the place
to explore that.


Favorite Newcomer


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A sea-view tropical restaurant in Khobar? Sign us up! Focusing on an exotic vibe, Oriya’s modern tropical architecture with vibrant colors and plants gives us a rather tranquil feel. While it’s still in soft opening, Oriya has already built its crowd and is quickly becoming a hit spot in Khobar. They only take five bookings per day, so make sure to save your place and indulge in their chicken risotto dish and eggplant with Labnah.



Three Seeds Coffee

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This is a shoutout to all coffee addicts in Khobar who voted for this exquisite coffee shop that brews coffee right before your eyes. Presenting a cozy atmosphere, their Spanish Latte is the ideal boost to your day.



This French pastry store located in Sharqiyah is our favored sweet temptation. Their tiramisu date cake is absolutely delicious and the good news is that you can order the cake you like from their menu via WhatsApp and have it reserved just for you. If you’ve ever wondered what a pomegranate and pistachio cake would taste like, you can find out now and satisfy your taste buds at Madeleine.



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