Why Jeddah Is the Place To Be at This Summer

With Jeddah Season being in full swing right up until July 18th 2019, the Saudi Arabian city should be at the top of your summer travels list as it offers up a plethora of fun, new and exciting activities for the whole family to enjoy.

From fine dining pop-ups, street performances and concerts featuring major Middle Eastern superstars, AboutHer.com is sharing all of the reasons why Jeddah is where it’s at.

  • Comedy at Its Finest

All the way from Los Angeles, the Comedy Club Laugh Factory will be opening shop from June 23 – July 18 to make audiences weak at the knees with laughter. The location couldn’t be more perfect as the comics will take to the stunning Jeddah Waterfront stage.

  • A Scavenger Hunt

Every day of the Jeddah Season festival will see the Kanz-Al-Balad Scavenger hunt take place from 5 PM-11 PM. Child-friendly, the hunt is set up in a way that allows for participants to be educated about what Jeddah has to offer, allowing for children to get creative and utilize their skills in solving problems, as well as understanding team work as they will get teamed up with other participants to find particular objects using a list of clues.

  • Musical Extravaganzas

The Kingdom’s first ever music festival is hosting the biggest stars of the Middle East and is not one to be missed as the likes of Amr Diab, Nancy Ajram, Yara, Ahlam and Hasan AlJassmi take to the stage to perform some of their biggest hits. Even the spectacular Music Hall Beirut experience is coming to the Kingdom! I think we’ve said enough.

  • An Interactive Street Performance

The Al Ozwa Street Performance is an exciting attraction for history buffs. Set around 100 years ago, the performance’s narrative revolves around Omar, who is preparing for his wedding, when he stumbles upon a dilemma that might collide with his engagement ceremony. The audience are tasked with trying to help him solve his dilemmas so he can go forth with his nuptials.

  • Dining Out

Some of the most sought after restaurants to get reservations at around the world, including Zuma, Nobu, Scalini and Signor Sassi will be offering up their most famous dishes and cuisines to attendees of the Jeddah Season festival. These places will make for the perfect dining experience with loved ones against Jeddah’s buzzing backdrop. If you’re after something a little easier, visitors will have the opportunity to taste Saudi street food up until 2 AM.


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