Why Winter Wonderland is Riyadh Season’s coolest zone

All you need to know about the favourite theme park

Do you feel that chill? The city’s biggest theme park has made a comeback for Riyadh Season 2022. Winter Wonderland is now open.

Winter Wonderland 2022 boasts five frosty subzones, over 80 rides and experiences, three arcade halls, over 20 stores and more than 35 restaurants. It’s time to take a breath.

There’s plent here’s your ultimate guide to Winter Wonderland.

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Winter Wonderland
Winter Wonderland

Winter Wonderland tickets

You can buy Winter Wonderland tickets now and plan the fun with the whole family.
Winter Wonderland tickets are SAR55 during weekdays and SAR110 on weekends.
From SAR55. Until Thu December 22. Open Sat-Wed 4pm-1am. Thu-Fri 4pm-2am. King Fahd Road.


Snow Forest

Step into the Snow Forest, characterised by trees sprinkled with fake snow, snowmen, along with art installations leading you to the rides. The subzone aims to showcase early winter days. Brrrr.

Trees of Whites

Next up, you can walk to the Trees of Whites area, where you can experience games suitable for different ages. The zone also includes an arcade game hall. Get gaming.

Frozen Sculptures

Winter Wonderland
Winter Wonderland

Feel the temperature dropping? Move to the Frozen Area and enjoy skiing at the largest open-air rink in the Middle East ice rink. Love a good view? You can enjoy a stunning sights of the city from the top of the giant 55-metre Ferris wheel.

Magical Ambience

Located in the heart of Winter Wonderland, if you’re looking for souvenirs from the theme park this is where you you will likely want to head.

Dead Wood

Do you dare to enter the Dead Wood zone? For lovers of horror and adventure, head here to see the scary cemetery and many horror-inspired areas with everything from costumes and games.

Kid-friendly areas

Science Factory

Winter Wonderland will not cease to surprise you, as it contains a unique science factory that combines art, entertainment and knowledge in one place. Little ones can participate in science experiments and activities.

Blippi’s World

Blippi's World at Riyadh Season 2022: Blippi logo with glasses and bowtie

Kids can explore Blippy’s vast world of science and chemistry and take part in group activities in inspiring experiences that teach kids to solve problems and go on super cool adventures.


This area allows the little ones to play with dolls. It’s a fun activity for the whole family with activities such as making desserts in the kitchen, going outside and having unique experiences. Let your imagination run wild.

Winter Wonderland Rides

Apollo 13

If you are an adrenaline-fan, this one’s for you. Apollo 13 was originally the seventh crewed mission in the Apollo space programme, so you can imagine this ride is out of the world. Taking you on a ride over 55 metres high now is a good time to strap in.

Around the World

People with acrophobia (fear of heights) look away. Around the World quite literally attempts to do just what the name says, spinning you at a height of nearly 63 metres, we’ll call this one the “stomach churner”. Try to keep your food down.

Double Loop

Roller coasters are all the rage at this zone. Double Loop is a speedy coaster that flips you fully upside twice throughout the course of the ride, as the name suggests. This is not for the faint-hearted.


Chasing the adrenaline train? All aboard. The Energiser spins you around, rotating you over 360 degrees in the air.

Top Buzz

Ever wondered what it might be like to sit on the propellors of a ceiling fan? No? Well, now you can experience something, not at all like it. Because while this one spins like a propellor, your ceiling fan hopefully doesn’t swing wildly in every direction.


IT Concept Store

Support Saudi designers at this popular concept store pop-up featuring local designers like Hano Collection, Bianna Jewels and SADAH.

Riyadh Season store

Don’t leave the Wintter Wonderland zone without taking some home. The Winter Wonderland Riyadh Season store will be offering printed tote bags, mugs and flasks and reusable glasses. 


Looking to score some new threads while you’re at one of (if not the) most whimsical places in Riyadh? Scan is a street-style clothing store offering shorts, hoodies, T-shirts, and more.


If you’re after traditional Saudi attire, Trath is where you’ll find it. The store offers everything from bishts, waistcoats to over thobes, frwahs and more. 

Cafés and Restaurants


Quick snacks are always welcome at Winter Wonderland. Korn is not about the kernel variety, but corn dogs. They’re a popular fun fair treat, but you likely haven’t come across some of these options between. Try the Cheeto dog, Carnival dog and an ooey gooey Cheesy Corn Dog. 


if you’re looking for a mean burger to satisfy all your cravings, Kutlet could be where you’ll find that. Take a bite.

Nathan’s Famous

A visit to a theme park wouldn’t be complete without a hotdog. Luckily for you Nathan’s Famous is at Winter Wonderland. Made with 100 percent Angus beef, these hot dogs are a comforting Riyadh Season treat.


Vapiano is an Italian restaurant serving up fire-roasted pizzas, pasta and salads. Warm yourself up with some pumpkin soup or treat yourself to a cheesy slice of vedure pizza.

Winter Wonderland Café

Looking for a café to sip your something warm and comforting at? Make your way to the WWL Café. Offering winter-themed treats like hot chocolate, s’mores hot drinks and more, the WWL café has been a top pick at every edition of Riyadh Season its been a part of. 


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