Winter Activities in Saudi

Hiking in Taif

Taif in the winter months is a great destination for a hike up the Al Shafa mountain. The views at the top, as well as on the way up are breathtaking and will be well worth the walk up. Remember to wear shoes with good grip, as some rocks may be slippery!

Camp out in Shuaibah 

With the breathtaking and renowned Shuaibah shipwreck as your view, take a quick road trip to the outskirts of Jeddah where you’ll be met with the shores of Shuaibah. There, you can camp out by the side of the sea, set up a small bonfire and roast some marshmallows by the sea.

Location: Shauaibah Beach

Golf in KAEC

Relaxing yet invigorating, bring out the golf clubs and head to King Abdulaziz Economic City, just an hour away from Jeddah to the Royal Greens Golf Club, where you can enjoy a round or two of gold in their beautifully green golf course within the bustling city of KAEC. 

Location: Royal Greens Golf Club, KAEC

King Abdullah Park

The largest park in the capital of Riyadh, the King Abdullah Park boasts thousands of visitors within Riyadh’s winter season due to the chilly weather, and the abundance of beauty and activities available. 

Location: Al Ameen Abdullah Al Ali Al Naeem St, Riyadh

Al Turaif

Located in the Ad-Diriyah historical district just on the outskirts of Riyadh, Al Turaif is a great spot to bask in the history and beauty of the area while also enjoying the chilly Riyadh weather.

Location: Wadi Hanifah, Al Traif, Diriyah

Thumama Desert

Visit the exquisite Thumama Desert, located approximately 50 miles from bustling Riyadh, where you can enjoy rock climbing, nature and wildlife, bike rides, and more outdoor activities in the cold, Riyadh air. Make sure you bring a jacket as the desert can get even colder than the city!


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