Khaybar Glamping Trip

About Khaybar

Discover the origins of Khaybar– the ancient city and its natural landscapes, and immerse yourself in a luxury camping experience under the sky.

Khaybar’s scenery is fantastic, with the most beautiful scenes of nature and geology. Khaybar, an oasis in the middle of the AlUla region, provides an unforgettable glamping experience by letting guests sleep beneath the stars while accessing modern conveniences.

The volcanic landscape of Harrat Khaybar, in the north of Medina, is an ancient volcanic area and a nature reserve. It features stunning volcanic features such as craters and archeological sites dating back thousands of years. This unique destination offers visitors a chance to enjoy camping in luxurious camps modeled after Arabian tents, complete with ensuite bathroom and kitchen facilities.

Camping in Khaybar

A glamping trip in Khaybar is the ideal way to get in touch with nature and yourself. The magnificent Khaybar scenery will captivate you, and the camp’s spare modern decor will let you tune out the world and reconnect with nature. The cabins can accommodate groups of up to 10, making the camp ideal for getaways with friends and family. After a day of seeing the natural wonders of Khaybar, return to your hotel and relax on the outside terrace with a panoramic view of the surrounding are

Khaybar heritage tour 

A desert adventure awaits on your Khaybar Trip. Walk the oasis route, visit the AlRawan hilltop, then take a stroll or ride your bike down our oasis route near AlNizar Fort to learn about the area’s rich biodiversity in the Ain AlJammah and Hasat AlDabal oases.



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