12 picturesque Jeddah restaurants to enjoy dinner with a view

Have a special meal to remember in the Red Sea city

Are you really eating in Jeddah if you’re not doing it somewhere with a view? That is the million riyal question. Jeddah restaurants with views are where it’s at. The Kingdom has some absolutely amazing landscapes to enjoy, and we have the Red Sea and those incredible sunsets right in our backyard. What’s even better is that a lot of the eateries in the city are made to show off those Jeddah vistas.

Whether you’re at a quaint café on the Corniche sipping a cortado or high up in a trendy hotel tower digging into fusion Asian bites, many of Jeddah’s most memorable dining experiences always have fantastic sights on the menu.

These jaw-dropping views needn’t always be saved for special and celebratory occasions, or when you want to impress visitors or family members. There are the Jeddah restaurants with a view featuring superb sights with a range of cuisines and across all budgets. You can take in great views when you want to enjoy a leisurely lunch or pop in for a coffee at somewhere that will make you actually pause to take in Jeddah’s sights. We have you covered for all bases.

But, promise us one thing: Just stop for a second. Put down your phone. Don’t glance at the menu just yet. Admire that view. Soak up the Red Sea and city with your eyes then you can get that snap on your camera.

Beautiful brunches


Jeddah restaurants with views: Andalusia

If you believe Friday brunch is best served in a Jeddah restaurants with views – preferably with a fantastic view of the water and swaying palm trees, then this eatery at the glamorous Park Hyatt Jeddah is where to spend it. Enjoy an international buffet with dishes ranging from the Mediterranean to MENA, as you see the endless water and greenery of the marina at the Park Hyatt Jeddah. Friday brunch on the Red Sea just hits a little differently. Come to your midday meal and enjoy the sprawling spread and the endless sights. We highly recommend taking your dessert and coffee outside for a new perspective.


best Jeddah restaurants with views: Habsburg interiors

The Rosewood Jeddah has a few different eateries that offer jaw-dropping views. If you’re searching for a versatile spot with sights that don’t quit, all-day dining destination Habsburg is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Yes, you’ll want to fill up your phone with snaps of the Corniche Road and Red Sea, but it won’t distract you from filling your stomach.
The Friday brunch runs from 1.30pm to 5pm and allows diners to see the sea for miles as they tuck into a buffet spread. Everyone will want a family photo with the palms and sea as the background. 

Casual and captivating


Overdose Jeddah: Jeddah restaurants with views
Overdose Jeddah

An iced latte in one hand, a piece of cake or cookie in the other, and the seaside surrounding you. What could be better? This is one of the Jeddah restaurants with views to have on your list. You get all of that at this specialty café shop. There are branches across the Kingdom, but nowhere really has the outdoor patio that the Al Shati location does for enjoying Red Sea vistas. The spot is open 24 hours and the coffee is always being brewed up so stop in for a cuppa when convenient and you’ll get a view, sunrise, sunset or any other time.

RATIO Speciality Coffee

Jeddah Street Circuit is Saudi's first-ever F1 track

The ratio between great food, coffee brews and top views is definitely right here. It’s one of the Jeddah restaurant with views. Whether you’re in search of a place to get your next latte or drip coffee, or you want something a little more substantial, RATIO should have you covered with this serene spot in Ash Shati.

Zillion Restaurant & Lounge

Do you hear the crash of the waves? Smell the food and coffee? Jeddah restaurants with an enchanting view mark a place in your memory, as much as a sensational meal. Lucky for us, we should get both here. There’s an international spread with Turkish grills that are best enjoyed with a cuppa on the patio.

Endless Views

Aromi Restaurant

Gaze over the Red Sea while dining on upscale Italian food at the Waldorf Astoria Jeddah – Qasr AlSharq. You don’t even need to be outside to enjoy the Red Sea vistas thanks to the large windows at the fine-dining destination. The popular spot is open for lunch and dinner so we suggest visiting at different times to really appreciate the splendid different colours of Jeddah. The focus on classic Venetian dishes only adds to the appeal of the luxurious Jeddah restaurant with a view.

Blue Ocean

With a waterside location that will thrill children of all ages (that includes big kiddos), sensational views, superb seafood dishes and a casual Miami Beach feel, Blue Ocean should be on your list for restaurants with a view. For the ultimate kids’ treat day, spend the morning exploring the exciting underwater world of Fakieh Aquarium then head here to reminisce and refuel in style. This is one of the family-friendly joints that really strives to deliver for those young and old.

Nobu Jeddah

The name holds major caché and then you add in those incomparable views from the slice of the coast that’s just a little further out than the rest. It makes a difference. You’re not just on the beach but on the water. Period. There is nothing but a glass partition separating you and the sea. You get unobstructed sights and enjoy the sunset with a special dedicated menu. Look in the opposite direction and behold the city lights of the equally striking cityscape. You might even forget about your miso black cod. Maybe.

Mataam Al Sharq

If you’re searching for Jeddah restaurants with views that will impress, the Waldorf Astoria, Qasr Al Sharq is one of the glittering hotels right on the water. This Middle Eastern eatery showcases some seriously impressive Red Sea views framed by the restaurant’s luxurious curtains. Try to get a table right by the window, but know that there’s really no bad seat. The venue is focused on traditional Lebanese dishes, especially seafood, along with grills.

Sensational Sunsets

Al Nakheel

If it’s traditional Hijazi and Levantine food you’re craving, along with some captivating scenery from a gorgeous outdoor area, you likely won’t get much better than the Al Nakheel venue. The Middle Eastern eatery offers views over the Red Sea from the equally striking terrace. Take a seat on one of the patterned sofas and soak up the top-notch vistas of swaying palm trees and multicoloured skies as you dig into signature dishes like shish tawook, shawarma and a meaty mixed platter. This is pretty much the definition of what Red Sea living is all about so be sure to enjoy it as much as you can. 


This newly opened lounge promises “good vibes, Pacific Rim flavours (jumping from Hawaiian to Japanese to Peruvian) and positive energy” for all diners. We also definitely want to include spectacular sights in that mix. Kaia is located on the seventh floor of the Shangri-La Jeddah, and those few levels above the rest of some other venues in the city do make a difference. It’s one of the Jeddah restaurants with views that will make you pause. Park yourself at a table and enjoy the panoramic sights. 

Shang Palace

With its dark lacquered wood, shelves separating the space and glossy mocktail bar, there is a lot to look at inside Shang Palace. However, you will not forget you’re on the Corniche Road – and four floors up at that – when you take a minor glance out of the window and see the seaside. The venue really comes alive at night as with the dim lighting and dark wood serving as an elegant background to the moonlight views outside, but a weekend lunch visit it well worth it, not least so you can enjoy the dim sum and signature Peking duck carved tableside.


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