Introducing AZULIK: A Upcoming Eco-Luxury Resort in AlUla

Embrace the allure of AZULIK AlUla, where luxury meets sustainability in the heart of nature. Discover the epitome of eco-luxury and heritage at this extraordinary resort

The Royal Commission for AlUla (RCU) unveils plans for AZULIK AlUla, a captivating eco-luxury resort in a remarkable expansion of its hospitality offerings. This extraordinary development, scheduled for launch in 2027, is set within the Nabatean Horizon District of the Journey Through Time (JTT) masterplan, harmonizing with the natural environment and embodying the principles of the AlUla Sustainability Charter, Saudi Green Initiative, and Vision 2030.

Immerse yourself in the essence of nature and heritage as you discover AZULIK AlUla. Nestled amidst canyons near the AlMutadil Equestrian Village and the soon-to-be-art-adorned Wadi AlFann, this stunning resort seamlessly blends luxury with sustainability. Featuring 76 exquisite villas of various types, a spa, VIP club, welcome lounges, all-day dining, and the SFER IK museum, AZULIK AlUla captures the essence of the region’s sandstone cliffs and natural ecosystem, integrating organic designs and locally sourced materials.

AZULIK AlUla Resort aims to foster a deep connection with AlUla’s rich heritage and diverse ecology. The development embraces ancient rock art inscriptions, protects the surrounding environment, and employs a natural waterway system for irrigation and flood prevention. Guests will experience an all-electric mobility system, alongside horse and camel routes and hiking trails, encouraging a sustainable exploration of the surroundings while ensuring a car-free sanctuary.

Operated by the prestigious Mexican luxury brand, AZULIK, and designed by Roth Architecture, this resort promises an unparalleled experience. Moreover, the AZULIK AlUla Resort is committed to generating socioeconomic benefits for the local community, with over 300 new jobs to be created. By prioritizing local contractors and supplies, the resort actively contributes to the economic growth of AlUla and the wider Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

John Northen, RCU Vice President of Hotels and Resorts, expressed his excitement, stating, “AZULIK AlUla embodies sustainability and reverence for the natural and cultural heritage that envelops this magnificent property. Its proximity to the AlMutadil Equestrian Village and Wadi AlFann, both undergoing development, enhances AlUla’s status as a premier destination in alignment with our Journey Through Time master plan.”

Roth, Founder and CEO of AZULIK, shared his sentiments, saying, “We feel privileged to bring AZULIK’s vision to AlUla, embarking on a journey through the vibrant heritage and culture of this remarkable place. Rooted in the unique natural landscape, this project holds great significance for us, reflecting our brand values. Together, we embark on a beautiful and exciting path.”

AZULIK AlUla Resort promises an enchanting experience, merging luxury, sustainability, and the captivating spirit of AlUla. Stay tuned for more updates on this extraordinary venture that will redefine the concept of eco-luxury in Saudi Arabia.


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