Jeddah Art Promenade

Enjoy a new area full of surprises called “The Art Promenade”. A quiet residential area by the sea within Jeddah’s waterfront which extends to the marina.

Here is where you can experience the excitement of international events, with your family or friends. Events like Jeddah Cornish Circuit, or great places to have your favorite drink like Celsius 95 cafe in front of it, or simply walking for only minutes till you reach the magnificent “Jeddah Yacht Club.”

Wander freely between dazzling, modern details. Even if you are alone, you won’t feel lonely here in this vibrant area. These spaces are only minutes away from the long and quiet path accompanied by the sound of the calm waves.

Jeddah Art Promenade

Restaurants and Cafes Overlooking the Masterpiece

You can enjoy the numerous restaurants scattered around the promenade, which received very high ratings from visitors. You can try the most delightful international dishes in Maillard prepared by Saudi chefs, or try Bafarat snacks on your way, and don’t forget to stop by and try the excellent Greek dishes of Okto. 

The Beauty of Sculptures

Art, history and culture enthusiasts have immersed this place with beautiful detail, embodied in works of art distributed in the midst of scenic locations. A unique sculpture in the form of a large golden falcon with its wings raised high above the Red Sea coast is the first artwork in collaboration with the international art collector and musician “Swizz Beatz”, and another dazzling sculpture by the artist “Key West” is located close to Jeddah Cornish.

The way the area is built between heights overlooking the events and activities and between low grounds near the beach has made visiting this location a profound cultural experience of its kind with interesting creative sculptures along the beautiful coast.

The Beauty of Sculptures



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