Our January Restaurant Picks Sharqiya Edition

What’s new and trending in the world of flavors

Nowadays, diners want more from their dining experiences than simply a tasty meal. Trendy as it is to eat meals that stick with you, we hope you’ll give these eateries a try and share your delicious adventure with us.

Onion –  Social Dining House

Tapas, salads, and tacos are only the beginning at Onion. The restaurant’s main course selections include Dolma Short Ribs, Salmon a la Planchet, and Baby Chicken Cajun, which will leave you feeling happy and satisfied. 


Perfect for any occasion, Lascale is an Italian restaurant with a menu that will leave you in awe. The food and ambiance are top-notch, and it’s the perfect place to host parties and other celebrations. Make sure to try the Risotto Beef Ribs or the Rigatoni shrimp if you’re feeling experimental! Their Torta Fusa might be the cherry on top.

Remember to get lunch from their offers menu.

Shrimp Storm – Soft Opening

If you’re looking for a wholesome seafood meal, look no further than Shrimp Storm. The restaurant is designed to make you feel at home, and the food is no exception. Try their main dishes that incorporate shrimp, crab, and lobster options paired well with rice and delicious sauces. As well as their side dishes, such as Shrimp Storm Soup, Steamed Corn, and many other options, which are sure to satisfy your taste buds!


If you love burgers and ribs a little more than the next person, you should try Addict. It has a welcoming ambiance for a day out with friends and family along with its delicious and extensive menu, which includes its main course: Penne Pesto, Agnolotti Pasta, Truffle Risotto Ribs, and Saltimbocca Steak, other delicious options that can be paid for with our personal favorite Creme De Broccoli or Creme De Spinach. Make sure you have some space left in your stomach to try their yummy Peach Cobber, Addict Tiramisu, or really anything from their dessert menu.


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