Multiple Play-Doh theme parks are opening in Saudi

The new entertainment venues will be the world’s first

A whole new world of family fun and imagination is coming with Saudi Arabia Play-Doh theme parks.

Saudi Entertainment Ventures, aka SEVEN, have partnered with Hasbro to launch the world’s first Play-Doh theme parks. Yup, not one but theme parks plural

Saudi Arabia Play-Doh theme parks
Eight Saudi Arabia Play-Doh theme parks will open

Eight Saudi Play-Doh theme parks are set to open across various locations over the next ten years

Official locations and opening dates have yet to be announced so watch this space as things take shape.

The Saudi Arabia Play-Doh theme parks promise to take playing with the nostalgic birghtly coloured clay to new levels literally with multilevel playscapes, creativity stations and sensory discovery areas.

Dedicated to inspiring creativity in the minds of your little ones, if you’re not up for the fun and games, you’ll be able to lounge around in the café area and sip on a cuppa.

Looking to throw your kids or younger siblings a fantastic party? The Saudi Arabia Play-Doh theme parks will also have a party and events room.

SEVEN also began construction on another entertainment project opening in Tabuk.

A Warner Bros. theme park is also coming to Saudi, and you guessed it, it’ll be the first of its kind.

Let’s see things take shape.

Coming soon. Various locations in Saudi, seven.sa.


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