Souq Okaz

Arab’s most famous forum; where literature, art, and trade underlies

Souq Okaz in Taif is a prominent tourist attraction due to its long and ancient history. It was a tremendous cultural, social, and economic forum that offered a unique opportunity to learn about a mixture of art, heritage, and culture through events that attracted people from all over the globe every year.

In the past, the Souq was not confined to exchanging trade interests only, but with its cultural, social, and political history since its establishment in 501 AD, it occupied a prominent place for the people of the Arabian Peninsula. It was a media platform for the tribes and their clans and a place where they met to conclude and terminate conventions. The poems sung in its squares are still on the minds until this day Titles were given to poets and knights after rhetorical battles that crowned one and decrowned another

Souq Okaz in memory 

The Souq has seen sports competitions in the past, such as horse racing, and dueling It also had a significant political advantage in which alliances were announced, hostilities were overturned between Arab tribes and their clans, and wisdom councils were set up, spreading to the world in the old days

Souq Okaz fame

The annual gathering in Souq Okaz contributed to highlighting poets whose poems were immortalized in Arabic poetry, including Hassan ibn Thabet, Tumadir bint Amr -known as Khansa- Amr ibn Kulthum, and many others

The strategic location of Souq Okaz, linking the trade routes from the east and south of the Arabian Peninsula, was a meeting place for Arab traders and a place to exchange economic interests, and it was also one of the main terminals on the pilgrims’ way

Souq Okaz Rejuvenation

After a break of 13 centuries, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia revived the history of the Souq Okaz in the Al-Arafah suburb in Taif Governorate, which first started in 1428H/2006AD through a festival full of various cultural and literary events and activities that represents a great legacy of the history of this land and embodies the historical, ethical, and cultural Arab merit

Do not miss shows of folk songs and dances, attend cultural and literary plays and symposia, or enjoy poetic evenings and reflect on the frescoes and paintings distributed throughout the Souq

Your attention will be drawn to poetic lines engraved on earthy-colored rocks, characters imitating their poets as they recite their poems, or to follow art, literary, and cultural competitions held throughout the festival

Variety of Services 

Caravans of diverse local food are spread across the heritage Souq Okaz; you will not want to miss out on their delicious taste. There are several fresh green gardens, and the place will be filled with children’s laughter and joy as they see the playground and the endless choices of physical activities

Souq Okaz on map


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