You can check out Saudi’s first dining hall in Riyadh this week

Eat your way through 21 dining experiences at Al Mammal

Prep your stomach for 21 different dining experiences at Al Mamlaka Riyadh.Saudi’s first dining hall is launching its soft opening this week. From Wednesday August 30, you will be able to check out the Kingdom Centre venue’s eateries.

Al Mamlaka Social Dining Riyadh: the new destination will have 20 kitchens
Al Mamlaka Riyadh

Let us set the scene: Al Mamlaka Social Dining is billed as the first of its kind in Saudi. The space will have 20 kitchens, 13 cuisines, and four dedicated spaces for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and of course, coffee.At Al Mamlaka, you’ll be able to grab a few dishes from each station and share them with friends and family. If you like to try different things, the dining hall concept makes it easier to do so.

Al Mamlaka Social Dining Riyadh: it will be located in Kingdom Centre
Al Mamlaka Social Dining

Kingdom Centre is located in Al Olaya, and it’s one of the favourite Riyadh malls. It is known for popular tourist attraction Sky Bridge, which is located on the 99th floor and offers birds’-eye views of the city.Seeking more communal foodie spots? We’ve got a few including co-working space and foodie space Huna, which has locations in Riyadh Park and Panorama Mall. Via Riyadh has gourmet marketplaces Joan’s on Third and Via Mercato. Other restaurants in the new complex include Bianca, Chi Spacca, Madeo, and Scott’s.


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